Uniflex and SmartVent signed cooperation agreement

Wednesday, 30 May, 2018

InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! Competition The start-up SmartVent, which won the special Technopol award in the Estonian final and will take part in the spring round of Startup Wise Guys 2018 on the one hand, and Uniflex Systems, which operates in the field of automatics, monitoring and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of things) on the other hand, entered into a cooperation agreement on May 15.

According to Joosep Henrik Sild, the Board Member of SmartVent, the objective of the cooperation agreement is to combine the competences of the two parties. “While the advantage of Uniflex Systems is its long-term experience in monitoring, data acquisition and flexible management, SmartVent develops modern software for building management that also employs elements of AI (artificial intelligence),” said Sild. These two areas of competence are mutually complementary, covering different aspects of the same area in clearly distinctive “layers”.

Neeme Takis, the Board Member of Uniflex Systems says that their cloud solution, called UniSCADA, is based on the combination and mutual joining of freeware components and the long-term storage of all kinds of information, taking primarily into account the technical aspects of creating interfaces with various sensors and actuators and local management requirements. The freely programmable Linux-based automation controller can cope in a diverse range of places and situations, starting with the management of a smart house in Sydney, Australia, and ending with the street lighting in the city of Tartu. Among the major works carried out by the company, Takis highlights the creation, in cooperation with Nortal and Hansab, of the Smart Port system for the automatic number recognition system and traffic control of cars and buses in the large ferry ports managed by Saarte Liinid Ltd, and more recently in the A and D Terminal of the Port of Tallinn. Uniflex solutions are used in the nearly zero-energy building of the Tallinn University of Technology designed for testing different energy-efficiency improvement technologies.

The objective is to create greater added value.
SmartVent’s developments are targeted at creating a well-functioning user interface with the necessary visualisations and optimisations that can take advantage of UniSCADA intermediation for creating an interface with the objects to be managed, assisted by the information stored there about the objects. Such a division of tasks enables both companies to concentrate on its own area, at the same time taking into account the other layer ‒ both needs and options are offered. The parties hope to offer their clients ever more flexible and user-friendly automation solutions.

Peeter Hagen, the other Board Member and Sales Manager of Uniflex Systems, agrees with the statement made recently by Otto Richard Pukk, the head of Incap, Saaremaa’s electronics industry ‒ namely that the Estonian electronics and IT sector today has all that it takes for Estonia to put itself on the global map of cutting-edge technology. “I absolutely agree that the technical level and the quality of solutions in our companies is high and that the companies here need to cooperate more to bring the sector to the forefront both on the Estonian as well as on the international market.”