UFSM – Uniflex Sales Management is a program for managing clients, orders and order-related services.

UFSM is in the first place meant for companies dealing with the sales of services (for instance travel agents, telecommunication companies, communications companies, companies selling communications services, etc.), and is used by:
–      sales managers
–      sales consultants
–      accountants.

Functions of the programme:
–      finalisation of orders
–      management of orders
–      invoicing the clients and checking payments.

Functions of the UFSM:
–      UFSM contains various functions that are built around two main data bases – orders and client data.
The system consists of the sub-systems for:
–      entering orders and creating reports;
–      creating sales documents;
–      registration of payments and accounts receivable;
–      registration of clients and searching;
–      exchange rates.

We offer to the end-user:
–      a safe renting and management service of UFSM as a cloud-based service (ASP, Application Service Provisioning or SaaS, Software as a Service).