The crown jewel of our hardware production is a freely programmable and capable automation controller based on Linux, which can handle different places and situations, from a smart house in Sydney to controlling the street lighting in the city of Tartu.

The advantages of the controller are universality and expandability.

This (DIN-rail mountable 6 modules wide) programmable controller can be interfaced with a variety of sensors and actuators. The device has outstanding performance, versatility and reliability. 

UFK080808 is modular, consisting of a control computer board (Khadas VIM1) and a special  Modbus-compatible I/O-board (UF080808). The boards are connected via UART cable, providing also 5V power supply to the computer board.

UFK080808 has twice more I/O channels compared to its lightweight brother, UFK040404.

The operating system of the controller’s internal computer is Ubuntu Linux, which can be freely managed, upgraded and/or changed by the admin user. The control computer board with a 4-core ARM-processor has 2GB of RAM and uses 8 GB of eMMC non-volatile memory. 

There are no restrictions on programming languages ​​or application software.

UFK080808 technical datasheet

UF080808[E] I/O board technical data

Controller’s price: 330€ excl. VAT