port of tallinn

New Smart Port traffic management system is implemented in Terminal D of the port of Tallinn

Thursday, 10 May, 2018

On Wednesday, 9 May, the Smart Port system featuring automatic license plate identification and traffic management launched for cars and buses in Terminal D of the Port of Tallinn. The vehicle traffic management software solution Smart Port mostly make guiding cars to the ship automated and speed it up: due to the automatic license plate recognition, the drivers who have made a booking beforehand will be directed to the right check-in booth and then the right lane for going on board. The total investment in the new traffic solutions, access gates and parking lots as well s the Smart Port system amounted to 10.5 million euros. The completed construction and new traffic management solutions are a part of the renovation of Old City Harbour, which will make the gates to Tallinn and Estonia more user-friendly, and the entire port area, more attractive.