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TalTech near-zero energy test building

The TTÜ (TalTech) near-zero energy test building was created to research the construction physics of different materials, efficiency of building automatics and technical […]

Smart Port

Development of technological systems with multiple decision making levels for Virtsu, Kuivastu, Rohuküla and Heltermaa and Port of Tallinn smart ports, […]

Väätsa Basic School

During the renovation process of Väätsa Basic School in 2017 many sensors and energy meters were installed, technical systems and […]

Sindi Water Works

Fresh water and sewerage water pump stations are equipped with automation controllers and connected with a universal web-based remote management, […]

About Us


Uniflex Systems Ltd., a company based on Estonian capital, is active in the field of automation, data acquisition, IIoT (Industrial Internet of things) and IoT (Internet of things). The company was established in 1999. Our main competency lies in connecting the physical and virtual worlds through IT, telecommunication and electronics.

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Uniflex in cooperation with Fusebox

Fusebox is an Estonian startup which is building virtual power plants globally and helps local companies to become demand response […]

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Lumi Kodud rental apartment buildings are open in Northern Tallinn

Lumi Capital, active in real estate investment management, opened the first rental homes with a professional administration service in Estonia […]

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